Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is one of those moments I walked in on and I needed to run to get the camera. It was so sweet, Kayla was teaching Malia her letters and letter sounds. Something tells me Malia doesn't have to worry about getting enough stimulation. Her sisters are really good at providing that :)

Lydi saw what her sisters were doing and wanted to get in on the action.
I love Malia's little expression as she is looking back at her momma
The coolest thing is that I got this chalkboard at Goodwill for $16. The girls have been loving it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flower Heart Bouquets

I wish I was more intentional about taking pictures during this craft. They turned out so cute and the girls loved making them. I think their favorite part was pounding holes in the paper with a hammer. Each flower petal was made out of a paper heart and the center of the flower was a sucker. Super creative and the fun idea came from Family Fun Magazine.
craft #4

They made this one for Harley's old boss at Compassion. She is always providing the girls with lip gloss every time they visit so we try to do nice things for her too.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Girls in the Snow

The girls are having fun in what's left of the snow. It's melting fast but they are trying to make the most of it.

Malia has just started sitting up. She toppled over a couple times while I was taking pictures but her snow suit provided enough padding that she wasn't bothered.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my birthday! My friend Whitney and I have been wanting to make these hairbow frames forever so we thought today would be a great day. Abby and Allie, girls from our small group, decided to join us too! We had so much fun! Abby was the one who gave us the inspiration so it was nice to have an "expert" present. I'm not sure it would have gone as smoothly without her.
. Craft #3 Hairbow frames
Abby and Whitney

Allie's all finished and looking cute!
Laying the ribbons out, I was a little bit of a perfectionist
Hot glueing the ribbons on
Kayla and Lydi doing their own craft. Whitney bought candy necklaces to make.
Whaala! The finished product! And an example of what the bows look like on the ribbon. These make great present for anyone who is having a girl and they are super easy to make!

Whitney's all finished. She has 2 little girls

After Whitney's, we came home and the girls insisted on decorating and making a cake. I was going to save money and get a cake when Harley got back but Lydi (my little baker) said we needed cake! It didn't take much to convince me, I gave in!

She really did make most of this cake. She loves doing this kind of stuff. I did help out with the frosting after I saw her put the knife in her mouth several times to lick the frosting. She's my little sweet tooth. I was afraid there wouldn't be enough frosting left for the cake.
Not bad, it turned out pretty good!
Pizza and wine!
Mandie, the backyard neighbor and friend surprised us just in time to take a picture of "us girls" and bring me a birthday cake from Cold Stone. Wow! Mandie and I have been friends for several years and recently they just bought a house behind us. It's been wonderful reconnecting with her and her husband and baby girl! Now she is expecting a boy in June. We are so excited for them and just love that they are now our new neighbors! Not to mention that Jed, her husband, and Harely are two peas in a pod.
Right before this picture, Malia stuck her hands in the cake and they are covered with frosting. That little stinker!
This would be Lydi taking the pictures
Thank you again Mandie! Your thoughtfulness made my night! And this cake was delicious!
We ended the evening with a little dancing in the kitchen. The girls and I went to bed exhausted!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hearts on the Window

They look so nice hanging form the window.

Below zero! NO School!

Well, school is cancelled today because of the weather. Good thing I had extra fun things planned to do. :)
Craft #2 Yarn hearts
This craft requires your hands to get really messy. Lydi did not think this was such a good idea. My little princess wasn't too excited about dipping yarn in glue and getting her hands all gooey. Her facial expression in this picture is priceless.
Kayla on the other hand, loved it! The gooeyer the better
The girls dipped stands of yarn in glue and pressed the yarn into a heart shaped cookie cutter. When they are dry we'll hang them from the window
Kayla and I getting our hands all messy
Looking good!