Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! Amy hosted and my 1 cousin (Hannah) came down from Denver and my other cousin (Joy) and her husband (James) came from Maine. We had a wonderful day where we stuffed our bellies, watched football, took a walk, played dominoes and ended it with cards! Amy proved herself once again to be the hosted with the mostes!

James, Joy, Hannah

Dinner time!

Trey and Lydi

Awwww, Harley and I
Making apple turkeys with gumdrops. A Thanksgiving Tradition

Sweet Cousins, Lydi and Téa

Cute brothers!
My adorable niece, Tess

Malia with Joy and Hannah

We closed out the night with cards!
I just realized I don't have one picture of Nathan. Sorry Nathan, I'll make it up at Christmas!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kayla's Thanksgiving Feast

Kayla had a Thanksgiving feast at school where her class (the pilgrims) invited the other kindergarten class (the Indians). It was super cute and of couse they all made their costumes

Both classes sitting together to share a fruitsalad and cookie

One cute pilgrim!
Her proud mommy and daddy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a Trooper!

On Tuesday afternoon we were at the park with the neighbors and Lydi came down the slide screaming and saying that her arm hurt. (Lydi is our dramatic one so I really thought she just needed to calm down) After minutes of her screaming in my ear I began to realize that something was really wrong. My neighbor and I looked at eachother and silently mouthed the words "I think it's broken" . We calmly packed up the kids, Lydi still screaming, and came back to the house to get a game plan. I called the pediatrician and they had no appointments left for the day. I called the nurse through the hospital and she advised going to the ER instead of urgent care incase it was dislocated. So, my lovely neighbor Laura watched Kayla and Malia for me while I took Lydi to the ER. Harley is currently in Africa not knowing that any of this is going on. After 2hrs in the ER they told us it wasn't broken but to follow-up with orthopedics if it wasn't better in 24-48 hrs. (Ughhh, I've heard this before. They told us Kayla's leg wasn't broken but then ortho told us it was) So they splinted it and sent us home. The next day she was still complaining of pain, not using it, not rotating it, basically just keeping it at her side. I called ortho and made an appointment incase it was not miraculously healed by morning. The whole time I was trying to trick Lydi into moving her arm to make sure we really needed to go to the Doctor. We show up at the Dr. this morning with our X-rays and she tells us she has a hair line fracture to her growth plate in her wrist. She is now sporting a nice purple cast for the next 4 weeks. Why the ER can't determine these things, I do not know. I'm am just so thankful that we know what's wrong now, that it has been taken care of and for my wonderful neighbor helping me out while I'm husbandless. Actually, all my neighbors have been so wonderful, Thank you guys!