Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Photos

 Family photos....... They can be so stressful but O' so sweet!

Thank you Sara ( for capturing
 these sweet, sweet moments of our family!!!!!  

Here are some of my favorites!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandma's Tea Set

When I was home this summer I found mom's tea set that she had as a little girl and the tea set that I played with as a little girl.  I have a lot of good memories with this tea set and I was excited to share it with my girls and share a little bit of grandma with them as well.    

 Her maiden name is written on the box, Vicky Barnes.  
I'll have to ask my grandma the story behind this set.  When did she get it? 
Who was it from? Was it for a birthday? 

The girls and I made a tent and we had a tea party in it.  
We cut up little rice krispy treats, put goldfish on a plate and served apple juice with a little bit of sugar.  Kayla said it was the best thing we have ever done at our house!   

After we put the tea set up, Malia woke up from her nap and loved playing in the tent with her sisters
It brought back sweet memories and it's a great way to remember mom and a great way to share grandma with the girls.  Hopefully we can keep making sweet memories!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday LYDIA

I love birthdays!  I think I feed off the kids enthusiasm.  They are so much fun at this age, I just want them to feel so special and so loved everyday but especially on their birthday! We started this tradition of decorating  their door with balloons and streamers so when they wake up, that's the first thing they see.  They love it and ask for it every year.  This is Lydi coming through her doorway a
 5 YEAR OLD! Yay!

 They also ask for donuts every year.  Smart girls!  They know we'll say "Yes".  

Daddy made the early morning Krispy Kreme run 
and made a little girl very happy.

Opening a couple presents in the morning.  
We ended up opening one every couple hours.  

 I made this cute outfit for Lydia.  She wanted a rainbow skirt so I started searching Etsy for ideas.
This is what we came up with, a rainbow tutu skirt with matching 3D cupcake shirt and an impromptu hair bow.  Since I made the outfit, we bought the cake :)

 Harley is so good at making the girls feel special on their birthdays too.  He always takes the day off work and we make it a big "family" day.  Lydi's lunch choice was McDonalds (surprise, surprise) so that's where we went.

After lunch we took the girls to a pottery place where they picked their pottery of choice and painted it. It was lots of fun!  Lydi chose a cat and Kayla chose a butterfly.  I'll have to post the finished products when they're done being fired.

After the pottery place, Aunt Angie, Uncle Rob, Danielle, Logan and Marcus arrived from IL.  
It was fun to have cousins to share the day with!  

Cake Pictures....... yum!

Danielle turned "13" the day before so we celebrated her too!  I didn't think she wanted a Barbie birthday cake so  we gave her ice cream instead.