Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or treating at Aunt Amy's work

(that's a plant coming out of my head, not a costume)

Kayla's school party

A Barbie Princess
Keeping it "real"

Kayla and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Smiley

Decorating Pumpkins

Different fun stations

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lydi's Halloween party at school

Lydi, the Ballerina
We woke up early, we took a shower, we did hair and makeup
and Lydi loved every minute of it! She's our little princess.
Her preschool party, various tables and her teacher, Ms. Lynn

Doing fun activities!

Her good buddy and neighborhood/church friend, Benjamin (aka.... Batman)

The princess amongst 2 spidermans and 1 batman. She's in good hands :)
My sweet little Ballerina

Monday, October 25, 2010

The start of swim lessons

The girls begged me to sign them up for swim lessons. Kayla, I don't worry about. I think I actually signed her up for a way too advanced class but it doesn't phase her. She's our little fish and she seems to be liking the challenge. Lydi on the other hand I was nervous about and still am a little. She promised she'd stick her face in the water if I bought her a pair of swim goggles. She kept to her promise and would occasionally experiment sticking her face in the water during the first lesson. The second lesson seemed to go even better and she's beginning to get her face wet a little more each time. I think she's in the wrong class as well and it may be a little too advanced but once again, I think she needs the challenge. You can tell I came of a swimming family. No mercy from Mom. Eight more lessons, I'll keep you updated on their improvement.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Visiting Kim, kiddos and Grandma Baker

We went up to Denver for the day to visit with Kim, her kiddos and her mom "Grandma Baker". Let me say something special about Kim, she is my oldest friend. Actually she is younger than me but we've been friends since kindergarten. She moved to Colorado about a year after I did and met her husband, Colby, got married and now has 2 beautiful children. We spent the day having lunch and touring the Littleton Pioneer Museum during their fall festival. We had a great time and it's always fun reconnecting.
Allie, Kayla, Lydia, Zach
Zach and Allie, brother and sister

Kim was designated to take the kids on the hay ride, it's was Kayla's
favorite part of the day!
Malia, Kim, and myself
The girls absolutely loved Grandma Baker!