Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday KAYLA!

This girl has grown up so fast!  She is 7 already! 
We had a super fun day.  It was filled with donuts for breakfast, 
presents throughout the day, a surprise ear piercing event and a party
with some girlfriends to top off the evening.  

This is the annual door decorated picture.  
Coming through her door as a 7 year old!

Donuts for breakfast, yum!

A few presents, a brand new scooter and cute sweatshirt.  

This is how the hutch was decorated.  
She wanted purple so we decorated in purple! 

This was great!  
She wanted her ears pierced for several months now
but Harley was a little hesitant.  She on the other hand was very persistent
and it became very hard to tell her "no".  So, we never told her "yes" but on her
birthday we took her to Walmart and surprised her with getting her ears
pierced.  (I know Walmart!  I didn't believe it either but their prices were 
1/2 of Claire's for the same exact earrings.  And i'm talking 1/2 of $50, that's 
alot!)  She did great!  Her trick was to blow out her cheeks to make her not 
cry and it worked!  She was very brave.  Her friends, Sydney and Zoe, were 
there to watch and then we went to Chick fil A for lunch! 

Kayla had several good friends come over for a little party.  We did a cute 
canvas craft, ate pizza, played games and celebrated with cake! A big 
"thank you" to my BFF!  I made her stay and help :)
                             Lydi &Zoe       Kadence        Sydney & Tea              Kassidy


The proud parents of a 7 year old!

You are so beautiful inside and out!  I can't believe how much you have grown this year into a "little lady".  I love how you are kind and always wanting to help others.  You are great with your sisters and you help mommy a lot, especially with Malia.  You are developing your own little style and mommy can no longer pick out your clothes for you ;)  You are very smart and very social.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!  Always remember that God loves you so much and you can trust Him no matter what!  Love you Kakes!