Monday, February 27, 2012

When the cats away........ the mice will play!

Harley left for Africa for a week and a half and our great friends and I decided to surprise Harley with a brand new office!  It's been in the talk for some time now but with Harley's travel/work schedule, it's been difficult to get done.  So, we took it upon ourselves and went to work!  We had so much fun and seriously what friends take time out of their busy weekend schedules to help other friends with their house projects?!!! Um, the GRAFTONS!  Thank you two so much, we love you guys!  
This is what the front living room looks like, all open.  We're getting ready to start our project!

This is the first beam going up! Free framed the whole project and did all the electrical work

Kayla helping Soni put the outlet covers on.  All the kids were involved by the end.  
This was the race to the finish!  We started on Friday night with supplies, framed and electrical on Saturday/Sunday and then drywall took the whole following week.  I had given up on the idea that we'd be done when Harley got home the following Saturday night.  When i'm weak, Soni is strong!  She rallied and we all followed behind her.  We painted all day, put up trim and did all the finishing touches before Harley walked in the door around 6. 

I love this couple!!!!! We had so much fun together!    

This is the finished project!  Pictures still need to be hung, a little decorating touches here and there but for the most part, it's done!
He loves it, I love it, it looks like it's always been there!  It's a perfect addition to the house!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is Lydia's painting.  She seems to be the little artist of the family.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  We miss you Daddy!

Kayla's Valentines Dance

This was the first year the 1st grades had a Valentines dance.  I think it was a huge success and the kiddos loved it.  Harley was suppose to attend but he was out of the country so I was the lucky one! 

This is Kayla's friend Eva.  
They eat lunch every Friday together and it's something Kayla really looks forward to.  

Class Girlfriends!

Mommy and Daughter, awe so sweet!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Traditional sledding down the driveway is just a little too boring now that they're older.  They decided to take it up a notch and practice surfing.  

Malia on the other hand has a long ways to go.  This was her first time sledding and she loved it!